Streamline your supply chain

March 29, 2017

Anchors. Sutures. Surgical gloves. These items may be small, but their impact on your bottom line can be big. Medical and surgical expenses comprise nearly 30 percent of an ambulatory surgery center (ASC)’s total expenses, making them the second-biggest cost after staffing, according to a VMG Health study.

Staffing: Understanding a surgery center’s biggest expense

Jan 30, 2016

That’s the average total cost of employing a healthcare worker today in the United States, an amount that includes everything from wages and health insurance—which only make up about two-thirds of the overall costs—to taxes, vacation time and other related benefits.

How do your operating expenses match up?

Dec 15, 2016

For physicians considering selling their ASC, even if it’s only a distant consideration, analyzing and optimizing expenses is an important step in achieving the highest sale price for your business and improving near-term financial performance.

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