Merritt Healthcare Advisors specializes in providing brokerage services for ASC owners who are seeking to sell an interest in their facility. As a developer and manager of ASCs, we are uniquely positioned to understand the complex nature of this transaction so you receive maximum value for your ASC. We have experience working with both single- and multi-specialty facilities as well as hospital outpatient departments.

Our team of industry experts partner with surgery center leaders to develop a strategy that will achieve their goals and needs from the sale. We also work to prepare a comprehensive memorandum describing the ASC’s operations, management, results and financial condition, while contacting and soliciting interest from prospective purchasers on your behalf.

Merritt Healthcare Advisors closely examines all indications of interests and proposals we receive, and carefully but confidently navigates the negotiation process with prospective purchasers. We also offer our expert advice on purchase and sale agreements as well as operating agreements.

In short, Merritt Healthcare Advisors partners with ASC and hospital outpatient leaders to achieve optimal value for their facility and services.

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