Outlook on ASC consolidation + 3 things to prepare for in the future

Written by Laura Dyrda / Beckers Healthcare Review  / September 26, 2019 Matthew Searles, partner at Merritt Healthcare Advisors, discusses key trends for ASCs today and where the industry is headed. Question: What are the most important trends you’re seeing in the ASC field today? Matthew Searles: ASCs should be prepared:…


Mitigating the headwinds in private practice with scale

Is the MSO model the future for independent medical practices? We’ve reached a tipping point in U.S. healthcare reimbursements. The Health Care Payment & Learning Action Network, a public-private partnership with the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services, estimates that more than one-third of all healthcare payments were tied…


Looking to maintain independence, growth potential for your physician practice? Options for selling, partnering in a consolidating market

The healthcare industry continues to consolidate. In the first half of 2018 alone, proposed megadeals were announced between Cigna and Express Scripts, CVS and Aetna, Walmart and Humana, and Optum and DaVita.1 The total price tag of healthcare mergers and acquisitions last year was expected to surpass $5 trillion.2 There…


Thinking about selling your ASC? Read this first

Preparing an ambulatory surgery center (ASC) for sale requires considerable resources, both in time and expertise. Many ASC owners, however, wait too long to solicit advice on these complex transactions, which can result in a lower selling price and less advantageous nonfinancial terms, including governance, retirement provisions and ongoing management…


2018 market update: Strong market for outpatient facility acquisitions tempered by focus on narrowing definition of quality of earnings

Written by Matthew Searles, Partner at Merritt Healthcare, for Becker’s ASC Review While the acquisition market for outpatient businesses, such as ASCs and surgical hospitals, remains strong, buyers are laser focused on quality of earnings which limits opportunities for some facilities to realize higher valuations. Facilities will find a competitive…


If you still own your ASC – 7 questions to ask

Written by Laura Dyrda / Beckers Healthcare Review  / February 19, 2018 If you are an ASC owner and have not already sold a majority interest in your ASC, we believe that no matter where you are in the lifecycle of your ASC or affiliated practice, that the following would be…


Physician Considerations when Selling their ASC

By Anna Devine, Becker’s ASC Review Let’s start with when should a physician consider selling an interest in their center? We don’t believe there is a single right answer to this question. There are a lot of factors that go into selling an interest in a business and while at…


Streamline your supply chain

Achieving higher outpatient surgery center valuation and financial performance through benchmarking Anchors. Sutures. Surgical gloves. These items may be small, but their impact on your bottom line can be big. Medical and surgical expenses comprise nearly 30 percent of an ambulatory surgery center (ASC)’s total expenses, making them the second-biggest…


Staffing: Understanding a surgery center’s biggest expense

Achieving higher surgery center valuation, financial performance through operations benchmarking $31.37 per hour. That’s the average total cost of employing a healthcare worker today in the United States, an amount that includes everything from wages and health insurance—which only make up about two-thirds of the overall costs—to taxes, vacation time…


Current State of the ASC Market

Written by Matthew Searles Merritt Healthcare Advisors By any objective measure, the ambulatory surgery center (“ASC”) market has experienced increased activity in the last several years.  The increase in activity, and competition for strong acquisition candidates, is driven by general macroeconomic trends supporting and encouraging high quality care at…


How do your operating expenses match up?

Achieving higher outpatient surgery center valuation and financial performance through benchmarking For physicians considering selling their ASC, even if it’s only a distant consideration, analyzing and optimizing expenses is an important step in achieving the highest sale price for your business and improving near-term financial performance. This process starts with…


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